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MoReVoX Studio is a private studio owned by Sabino Cannone and located in Milan
What we do:
ATMOS MiX ( MoReVoX is a Certified DOLBY Music Studio)     BUY YOUR MIX NOW
Immersive MiX
Vinyl Mastering
One To One Courses
Sabino Cannone, Multiplatinum Sound Engineer (40 Platinum Discs),  has mixed/mastered more than 300 records working with:
David Kahne, National Geographic, Martin Gore, Corrado Rustici, Pino Daniele, Tom Jones, Jessie J, Paul McCartney, Michael H Brauer, James  McCartney, Cibo Matto, Ingrid Michaelson, Tiromancino, Kye Kye, Fiorella Mannoia, Claudio Baglioni, Alexz Johnson, The Rubens, Gianluca  Grignani, Cerebral Ballzy, Adriano Celentano, Tony DeSare, Pooh, Marco  Masini, Alberto Fortis, Arisa, Paola Turci, Raphael Gualazzi, SIX60,  Alejandro Sanz, Danny Gottlieb, Jeff Berlin, Ermal Meta, Lo Stato  Sociale, Gulino, La Rappresentante di Lista [....]

Like Sound Designer, he started his career with the  Trillumlane Labs like developer of the TLSpace's Factory IRs library,  than he founded MoReVoX┬« .

The Sabino Cannone/MoReVoX┬«   sound design is used by several producers, engineers and artists like  Peter Gabriel, Michael Brauer, Joe  Barresi, Joe Paterno, Tchad Blake, Greg Wells, Andrew Scheps, Rafa Sardina and many more

Sabino Cannone is actually development partner and consultant for companies like WaveMachine Labs, Native-Instruments,  FXspansion, SPL, TrillumLane Labs/AVID, Big Fish, Heavyocity, Overloud,  Mark Bass/Parsek, RCF, ZP Engineering, Celemony.
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