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We Carefully listen to
your music & your words.
We Love to Enhance
your Art
tailoring it with our
Signature Sound

We Don't Use Templates, each song and each project has Its Own Story

MoReVoX studio is an Hybrid Studio becasue we like to use the best of both the Analog and Digital World.

Our Setup is based on ProTools HDX with 48 I/O with lots of Classic and Unique Custom Made Gear.
Monitors:  Kii Three  //   Neuamnn KH120 DOLBY ATMOS System  //  Genelec  8010A   // Auratone

MoReVoX Stuido is an Official Dolby Atmos Music Studio

We Offer Remote Mix since ever using Source Connect Software, so it doesn't matter where you live,
we can virtually stay in the same room without any limitation

Our Rates/Song start from:   MiX 290€ - Atmos MiX 390 - Mastering 79€ - Vinyl Mastering  49€

Contact us below for a more precise quote or for general inquiries:

 Dolby Atmos MiX
 Immersive MiX
 General Inquiry
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